IG Sindh

Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar (PSP)

Irfan Ali Baloch (PSP)
Imran Ali Qureshi (PSP)

Message by Inspector General of Sindh Police

Through constant implementation of innovative ideas, training, performance evaluation and introspection the Sindh Police should strive to fine tune its efforts to serve the province. The Sindh Police should continuously interact with the members of the community, by whatever means possible, so that it is able to get the feedback that is so important and necessary to make it responsive to community needs… more

Message of D.I.G Larkana

The Sindh Police aims at providing equality of service delivery to the community in prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of Law and Order. It is committed to the principles of justice, equality, integrity, fairness and respect for human rights and law enforcement in conformity with international norms and best practices.

-Irfan Ali Baloch (PSP)